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Thursday, July 17, 2014

15 Things You May Not Know WordPress Can Do

Jacco Blankenspoor

We all know WordPress as the perfect tool for running a blog or regular website. But due to it’s open architecture, WordPress is much more than just a CMS, with many developers taking it to a whole new level.

Making WordPress into something more than a CMS is typically done with themes and/or plugins. In this article I’ll show you 15 alternative uses of WordPress (plus 2 bonuses). I will be taking a broad look at what’s possible with WordPress, in the hope of inspiring you to use it in a way you hadn’t thought of before. For each use, I’ll show you a working example, and how it’s done.

1. Amazon Shop

2. Forum

3. Coupon Site

4. Directory

5. Twitter Look-alike

6. Job Board

7. Issue Tracking

8. Booking System

9. Memberships

10. Customer Feedback

11. Support Desk

12. Real Estate

13. YouTube Look-alike

14. Quora Look-alike

15. Classified Ads


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