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Monday, December 1, 2014

Website Strategy

To get a return for your investment, it is important that your web site has a clear, defined purpose. Simply having a website just because a business of our size "should" isn’t enough. Common strategic purposes for websites include:

Credibility Not every business needs to use their website to promote their business, however people considering doing business with you will often check you out on the web to gain a level of comfort that you’re a business with substance. Other businesses find that having a good website is essential for attracting good staff as most applicants will check out your website in preparation for an interview.

Promote Your Business

Promoting your business online is a great reason for having a website. With the high level of competition, having a website isn’t enough. You need a planned approach to not just building website traffic, but for converting that traffic into business results.P>


A website can provide around the clock customer service that may be too expensive to implement with human staff.

Improved Customer Service

In a society that craves instant gratification, tech-savvy customers value the option of being able to complete customer service tasks online with out the need to talk to a customer service rep. From mundane (but important) tasks such as reviewing billing histories or resetting passwords, a webstie that is connected through to your back end systems can improve the level of service that you are able to offer your customers.

Needing Less Staff

By adding self service capabilities to your website you may be able to reduce the load on your call centre, sales team and customer service staff. By reducing that workload your business will be able to efficiently service a larger customer base without needing to hire additional people.


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